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include_id: Union[bool, NoneType]=True,
entity: Union[str, NoneType]=None,
table: Union[str, NoneType]=None
) -> DataFrame


Returns a DataFrame that contains various attributes of the registered feature lists. These attributes include the names of the feature lists, the number of features in each list, their status, whether they have been deployed in production, the percentage of production ready features of their default version, the tables used by the features, their related entities, and creation dates.

The resulting DataFrame can be filtered based on the primary entity of the feature lists or the tables utilized by the feature lists.


  • include_id: Union[bool, NoneType]
    default: True
    Whether to include id in the list.

  • entity: Union[str, NoneType]
    Name of entity used to filter results.

  • table: Union[str, NoneType]
    Name of table used to filter results.


  • DataFrame
    Table of feature lists.


>>> feature_lists = catalog.list_feature_lists()