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class FeatureJobSettingAnalysis(
user_id: Union[PydanticObjectId, NoneType]=None,
name: Union[StrictStr, NoneType]=None,
created_at: Union[datetime, NoneType]=None,
updated_at: Union[datetime, NoneType]=None,
catalog_id: PydanticObjectId,
event_table_id: PydanticObjectId,
analysis_options: AnalysisOptions,
analysis_parameters: AnalysisParameters,
analysis_result: AnalysisResult,
analysis_report: str


The FeatureJobSettingAnalysis object contains the result of the analysis of the data availability and freshness of a table. The metadata held by the object includes a report and recommendation for the configuration of the feature job setting of features associated with the table. Additionally, you can perform a backtest of a manually configured feature job setting.


  • user_id: Union[PydanticObjectId, NoneType]

  • name: Union[StrictStr, NoneType]

  • created_at: Union[datetime, NoneType]

  • updated_at: Union[datetime, NoneType]

  • catalog_id: PydanticObjectId

  • event_table_id: PydanticObjectId

  • analysis_options: AnalysisOptions

  • analysis_parameters: AnalysisParameters

  • analysis_result: AnalysisResult

  • analysis_report: str


>>> analysis = invoice_table.create_new_feature_job_setting_analysis(
...   analysis_date=pd.Timestamp('2023-04-10'),
...   analysis_length=36002428,
... )