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class OnlineStore(
user_id: Optional[PydanticObjectId]=None,
name: Optional[NameStr]=None,
created_at: Optional[datetime]=None,
updated_at: Optional[datetime]=None,
block_modification_by: List[ReferenceInfo]=None,
description: Optional[StrictStr]=None,
details: Union[RedisOnlineStoreDetails, MySQLOnlineStoreDetails]


OnlineStore class to represent an online store in FeatureByte. This class is used to manage an online store in FeatureByte.

The purpose of an Online Store is to host the most recent feature values for low latency serving.


  • user_id: Optional[PydanticObjectId]

  • name: Optional[NameStr]

  • created_at: Optional[datetime]

  • updated_at: Optional[datetime]

  • block_modification_by: List[ReferenceInfo]

  • description: Optional[StrictStr]

  • details: Union[RedisOnlineStoreDetails, MySQLOnlineStoreDetails]