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verbose: bool=False
) -> Dict[str, Any]


Returns a dictionary containing the user-defined function's metadata. The dictionary contains the following keys:

  • name: The name of the user-defined function.
  • created_at: The timestamp indicating when the UserDefinedFunction object was created.
  • updated_at: The timestamp indicating when the UserDefinedFunction object was last updated.
  • sql_function_name: The SQL function name of the user-defined function (which is used in SQL queries).
  • function_parameters: The function parameters of the user-defined function.
  • output_dtype: The output data type of the user-defined function.
  • signature: The signature of the user-defined function.
  • feature_store_id: The feature store name that the user-defined function belongs to.
  • used_by_features: The list of features that use the user-defined function.

This method is only available for UserDefinedFunction objects that are saved in the persistent data store.


  • verbose: bool
    default: False
    Control verbose level of the summary.


  • Dict[str, Any]
    Key-value mapping of properties of the user-defined function.


>>> cos_udf = catalog.get_user_defined_function("cos")