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verbose: bool=False
) -> Dict[str, Any]


Returns a dictionary that summarizes the essential information of an Target object. The dictionary contains the following keys:

  • name: The name of the FeatureList object.
  • created_at: The timestamp indicating when the FeatureList object was created.
  • updated_at: The timestamp indicating when the FeatureList object was last updated.
  • entities: List of entities involved in the computation of the features contained in the Target object.
  • window: Window of the Target object.
  • has_recipe: Whether the Target object has a recipe attached.
  • default_version_mode: Indicates whether the default version mode is 'auto' or 'manual'.
  • input_data: Data used to create the target.
  • metadata: Summary of key operations.


  • verbose: bool
    default: False
    Control verbose level of the summary.


  • Dict[str, Any]
    Key-value mapping of properties of the object.


>>> target = catalog.get_target("target")
>>> info =