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A BatchFeatureTable object is a representation of a table in the feature store that contains feature values from batch serving. The object includes metadata on the Deployment and the BatchRequestTable used to create it.

Creating BatchFeatureTable Objects

A BatchFeatureTable Object is created by getting batch features from a Deployment object and a BatchRequestTable object.

To get batch features, follow those steps:

  1. Get a BatchRequestTable object from the catalog using the get_batch_request_table() method:

    batch_request_table = catalog.get_batch_request_table(<batch_request_table_name>)

  2. Get a Deployment object from the catalog using the [get_deployment()] method:

    deployment = catalog.get_deployment(<deployment_name>)

  3. Use the compute_batch_feature_table() method to retrieve batch features, passing in the BatchRequestTable object and optionally a desired name for the BatchFeatureTable:
    batch_features = deployment.compute_batch_feature_table(
        batch_feature_table_name = <batch_feature_table_name>

You can then download or delete the BatchFeatureTable object using the download() or delete() methods. Deleting the object will delete the table in the feature store.

You can convert the table to a Pandas DataFrame by using the to_pandas() method:


Getting BatchFeatureTable Lineage

The BatchFeatureTable object contains information on the Deployment and BatchRequestTable used to create it which can be accessed using the deployment_id and batch_request_table_id properties. This returns the Object IDs of the two objects.


Listing and Retrieving BatchFeatureTable Objects

To list the BatchFeatureTable objects in the catalog, use the list_batch_feature_tables() method:


To retrieve a specific BatchFeatureTable by its name from the catalog, use the get_batch_feature_table() method:

batch_features = catalog.get_batch_feature_table(<batch_feature_table_name>)

To retrieve a specific BatchFeatureTable by its Object ID from the catalog, use the get_batch_feature_table_by_id() method:

batch_features = catalog.get_batch_feature_table_by_id(<batch_feature_table_id>)