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Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Review the Workflow

Familiarize yourself with the FeatureByte workflow, from creating features to serving them and managing their lifecycle.

Workflow Diagram

Step 2: Learn Through Tutorials

Dive into FeatureByte's capabilities using the Grocery Dataset. Start with our UI Tutorials and SDK Tutorials.

French grocery dataset

For more hands-on learning experiences, sign up for our Hosted Tutorials to get acccess to our hosted environment.

Step 3: Install FeatureByte SDK

Refer to the Installation Guide for detailed instructions tailored to different operational environments.

Step 4: Connect to Your Data Warehouse

Ensure seamless integration with your existing data infrastructure by following our guides to connect with DataBricks, Snowflake, and Spark.

Verify that you have Read Access for source tables and Write Access for the feature store.

Warehouse Diagram

Step 5: Implement Custom Transformers

Enhance your text processing and feature engineering capabilities by integrating custom transformer models. Visit our 'Bring Your Own Transformer' to learn how.

Step 6: Scale Your Enterprise AI Efforts with FeatureByte Enterprise

Contact us today for a demonstration or to learn more about how we can help you transform your AI aspirations into reality.