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An EventTable object represents a source table where each row indicates a specific business event measured at a particular moment.

Event tables can take various forms, such as an Order table in E-commerce, Credit Card Transactions in Banking, Doctor Visits in Healthcare, and Clickstream on the Internet.

EventTable objects are created from a SourceTable object via the create_event_table method, and by identifying the columns representing the event key and timestamp. Additionally, the column that represents the record creation timestamp may be identified to enable an automatic analysis of data availability and freshness of the source table. This analysis can assist in selecting the default scheduling of the computation of features associated with the Event table (default FeatureJob setting).

After creation, the table can optionally incorporate additional metadata at the column level to further aid feature engineering. This can include identifying columns that identify or reference entities, providing information about the semantics of the table columns, specifying default cleaning operations, or furnishing descriptions of its columns.

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