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A ChangeView object is used to capture changes in SCDTable object in an easy manner. This is useful as changes in SCDTable may constitute powerful features such as:

  • how many times has a customer moved in the past 6 months?
  • if they moved the past 6 months, where did they use to live?
  • did they get divorced recently?
  • did they have any new kids in the family?
  • do they have a new job?

This new view tracks all changes for a given column (identified as track_changes_column when the view is created). The resulting view has 5 columns:

  • the natural key of the SCDView
  • past_: value of the column before the change
  • new_: value of the column after the change
  • past_valid_from_timestamp (equal to the effective timestamp of the SCD before the change)
  • new_valid_from_timestamp (equal to the effective timestamp of the SCD after the change)

The ChangeView can be used to create Aggregates of Changes Over a Window features, similar to Aggregates Over a Window features created from an Event View.

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