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1. Create catalog

Every FeatureByte project starts with setting up a catalog. Think of the catalog as the central hub for storing metadata. It keeps track of details about the tables, columns, and features you and your teammates will share and work with.

We will reuse this catalog in all subsequent steps.

Step 1: Start by Opening the Catalog Dropdown

Click on the "Create New Catalog" button within this dropdown.

Create Catalog

Step 2: Fill Out the Catalog Creation Form

In the form that appears, enter the following details:

  • Catalog name: Type "Grocery Dataset UI tutorial"
  • Feature Store: Select "playground"
  • Description (Optionally): You may enter a description if desired.

Create Catalog

Step 3: Finalize the Catalog Creation

After filling out the form, click the "Create Catalog" button at the bottom.

Step 4: Access Your New Catalog

Upon clicking, the system will redirect you to the newly created catalog.