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feature_name: str,
offset: Optional[str]=None
) -> Feature


Creates a lookup feature directly from the column in the View. For SCD views, lookup features are materialized through point-in-time joins, and the resulting value represents the active row for the natural key at the point-in-time indicated in the feature request.

To obtain a feature value at a specific time before the request's point-in-time, an offset can be specified.


  • feature_name: str
    Name of the feature to create.

  • offset: Optional[str]
    When specified, retrieve feature value as of this offset prior to the point-in-time.


  • Feature


>>> customer_view = catalog.get_view("GROCERYCUSTOMER")
>>> # Extract operating system from BrowserUserAgent column
>>> customer_view["OperatingSystemIsWindows"] = customer_view.BrowserUserAgent.str.contains("Windows")
>>> # Create a feature from the OperatingSystemIsWindows column
>>> uses_windows = customer_view.OperatingSystemIsWindows.as_feature("UsesWindows")
If the view is a Slowly Changing Dimension View, you may also consider to create a feature that retrieves the entity's attribute at a point-in-time prior to the point-in-time specified in the feature request by specifying an offset.

>>> uses_windows_12w_ago = customer_view.OperatingSystemIsWindows.as_feature(
...   "UsesWindows_12w_ago", offset="12w"
... )