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name: str,
version: Optional[str]=None
) -> Feature


Gets a Feature object from the catalog using the feature's name and optionally its version name. If no version name is provided, the default version of the feature is returned.

The Feature object includes the logical plan for computing the feature and can be used to create a FeatureList object for training and predicting machine learning models for a specific use case.


  • name: str
    Feature name.

  • version: Optional[str]
    Feature version. If None is provided, the default version will be returned.


  • Feature
    Feature object.


Get a default version of a feature by its name space.

>>> feature = catalog.get_feature("InvoiceAmountAvg_60days")

Get a specific version of a feature by specifying its version name.
>>> feature = catalog.get_feature(
...   "InvoiceAmountAvg_60days", version=<version_name>
... )