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class DatabricksDetails(
host: StrictStr,
http_path: StrictStr,
catalog_name: StrictStr,
schema_name: StrictStr,
storage_path: StrictStr


Model for details used to connect to a Databricks data source.


  • host: StrictStr
    Databricks host. This is typically the URL you use to go to to access your databricks environment.

  • http_path: StrictStr
    Databricks compute resource URL.

  • catalog_name: StrictStr
    The name of the catalog to use for creation of output tables.

  • schema_name: StrictStr
    The name of the schema to use for creation of output tables.

  • storage_path: StrictStr
    DBFS path to use for file storage.


>>> details = fb.DatabricksDetails(
...   host="<host_name>",
...   http_path="<http_path>",
...   catalog_name="hive_metastore",
...   schema_name="<schema_name>",
...   storage_path="dbfs:/FileStore/<schema_name>",
... )