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observation_set: Union[ObservationTable, DataFrame]
) -> DataFrame


Materializes a Target object using a small observation set of up to 50 rows. The small observation set should combine historical points-in-time and key values of the primary entity from the target. Associated serving entities can also be utilized.


  • observation_set: Union[ObservationTable, DataFrame]
    Observation set DataFrame which combines historical points-in-time and values of the target primary entity or its descendant (serving entities). The column containing the point-in-time values should be named
    POINT_IN_TIME, while the columns representing entity values should be named using accepted serving names for the entity.


  • DataFrame
    Materialized target values. The returned DataFrame will have the same number of rows, and include all columns from the observation set.

Note: POINT_IN_TIME values will be converted to UTC time.