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include_id: Optional[bool]=True
) -> pd.DataFrame


Returns a DataFrame that presents a summary of the feature list versions belonging to the namespace of the FeatureList object. The DataFrame contains multiple attributes of the feature list versions, such as their versions names, deployment states, creation dates and the percentage of their features that are production_ready.


  • include_id: Optional[bool]
    default: True
    Whether to include FeatureList object id in the output table.


  • pd.DataFrame
    Table of feature lists


List saved FeatureList versions (calling from FeatureList class):

>>> FeatureList.list_versions(include_id=False)
                   name  version  num_feature  online_frac  deployed  created_at  is_default
0  invoice_feature_list      ...            1          0.0     False         ...  True
List FeatureList versions with the same name (calling from FeatureList object):

>>> feature_list = catalog.get_feature_list("invoice_feature_list")
>>> feature_list.list_versions(include_id=False)
                   name  version  online_frac  deployed created_at  is_default
0  invoice_feature_list      ...          0.0     False        ...        True

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