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include_id: Union[bool, NoneType]=True,
relationship_type: Union[Literal["child_parent"], NoneType]=None
) -> DataFrame


List all relationships that exist in your FeatureByte instance, or filtered by relationship type. This provides a dataframe with:

  • the relationship id
  • primary entity
  • related entity
  • table source
  • enabled (whether the relationship is enabled)
  • creation timestamp
  • update timestamp
  • comments


  • include_id: Union[bool, NoneType]
    default: True
    Whether to include Relationship object id in the output.

  • relationship_type: Union[Literal["child_parent"], NoneType]
    This parameter allows you to filter the results based on a specific relationship type. If no relationship type is provided (default is None), no filtering will be applied based on relationship type.


  • DataFrame
    A dataframe containing the relationships.


List all relationships.

>>> catalog.list_relationships()[[
...     "relationship_type",
...     "entity",
...     "related_entity",
... ]]
  relationship_type           entity   related_entity
0      child_parent   groceryinvoice  grocerycustomer
1      child_parent  grocerycustomer      frenchstate