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other: Union[FrozenSeries, Sequence[Union[StrictInt, StrictFloat, StrictStr, bool]]]
) -> FrozenSeriesT


Identifies if each element is contained in a sequence of values represented by the other parameter.


  • other: Union[FrozenSeries, Sequence[Union[StrictInt, StrictFloat, StrictStr, bool]]]
    The sequence of values to check for membership. other can be a predefined list of values.


  • FrozenSeriesT
    Column or Feature with boolean values


  • ValueError
    raised when other is a Feature object but is not a dictionary feature.


Check to see if the values in a series are in a list of values, and use the result to filter the original view:

>>> view = catalog.get_table("GROCERYPRODUCT").get_view()
>>> condition = view["ProductGroup"].isin(["Sauces", "Fromages", "Fruits"])
>>> view[condition].sample(5, seed=0)
                     GroceryProductGuid ProductGroup
0  45cd58ba-efec-463a-9107-0633168a215e     Fromages
1  97e6afc9-1033-4fb3-b2a2-3d62261e1d17     Fromages
2  fb26ed22-524e-4c9e-9ea2-03c266e7f9b9     Fromages
3  a817d904-bc58-4048-978d-c13857969a69       Fruits
4  00abe6d0-e3f7-4f29-b0ab-69ea5581ab02       Sauces
Create a new feature that checks whether a lookup feature is contained in the keys of a dictionary feature:

>>> lookup_feature = catalog.get_feature("ProductGroupLookup")
>>> dictionary_feature = catalog.get_feature("CustomerProductGroupCounts_7d")
>>> new_feature = lookup_feature.isin(dictionary_feature)
>>> = "CustomerHasProductGroup_7d"